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Here is to the unsung heroes.

Removed from the celebrities and popular cultures of our current society, are the not so celebrated individuals and the brilliant cultures that make the world a better place to live.

Nowadays it is not as common to care, to have less money, to go out on a limb for others, or deliver random acts of kindness.

We are probably not going to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for volunteering in an African village, administering food and care to orphan, or for marching on government peacefully protesting the bombing of innocent civilians.

Here is to the unsung heroes in the world.

The nurses, volunteers, philanthropists, recyclers, carers, helpers, donators, lovers, and the fighters who aren't scared to stand up for who and what they believe in.

The doctors, the spiritual leaders of self love, the well wishers, and the do gooders, the energy givers, those who don't give to receive but just to give. Those who prioritize the needs of others over their own wants. 

Those who do things for free for people, just because they love people.

Even if we may never be hailed a celebrity, never be rich, never have a Jay Z song dedicated to us.

You are iconic in my eyes, you have the support of real people, which is better than the following of a materialistic society. 

You are the Iconic Nation.