Iconic Nation is a creative expression dedicated to inspire and renew the lives of anyone struggling with depression, loneliness, anxiety, and any other barrier society has painted a bleak picture of for us. We believe that out of the darkness, God will use a fresh wave of music, art, and creativity with a purpose to re-unite a separated world and bring the knowledge and healing we need to enjoy the abundant life we are meant to experience today.
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For a few years I suffered from depression. I was constantly exposed to the idea mainstream media can create, that in order to be happy I have to have the life of the rich and famous. Every time I would open my phone or watch tv, the message was there being shoved in my face. As a direct result of this, everyday I was left feeling emptier and emptier. And that since I didn't have the things that I was told I needed to be happy; I was not able to feel happy or enjoy life.

I went on a 5 year long search to find out how to truly have joy and figure out how to gain meaning and purpose in my life.

Not to downplay or discredit the life of the rich and famous, but I now believe that an Iconic person is the person who may work at the department store down the street, or the single mom who works 2 jobs just to put food on the table, or the kid who gets made fun of at school for being "different".

 I believe it takes a lot more courage to face life when things like money may be tight or the odds may seem against us. My passion is to shine a spot light on these people; people like me.

Iconic Nation is a lifestyle/ clothing brand with the mission to create the sickest clothing, and music to break the debilitating social message of self inadequacy and add self value in people of all ages and walks so that we can see life how it should be seen and have a life full of purpose, meaning, and abundance.



- Joel