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Musical Collaborations

Jack Tempchin is an American musician and singer-songwriter, best known for writing the Eagles classic "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and co-writing their hits "Already Gone", "The Girl From Yesterday", "Somebody", and "It's Your World Now" Also writing many hits like "You Belong To The City" with late Glenn Frey.
Jack Tempchin - "Learning To Dance" LP Produced by Joel Piper, (co writer on select songs), Album Art Wardrobe Design, Album Art Photography & Director of Photography (2016)
Jack Tempchin - "Room To Run" EP Produced By Joel Piper (2015)
Awards: "Album Of The Year" Nomination - San Diego Music Awards 2015
Tiffany Sinko - "Anchored EP" - Produced & Co Written by Joel Piper (2015)
Center Worship - "Self Titled" EP Produced & Co Written by Joel Piper (2015)